USAID Mission Director Jon Lindborg beams with Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita, author of best selling book Running A Bureacracy: A Guide Book for Local Government Unit Administrators Other Public Managers and Elected Officials. Mr. Jon Lindborg lauded LGUs for their transformative impact on government and the Filipino public manager’s critical role in defining good governance and new public administration. The author is now a member of a team of consultants of USAID projects in the Philippines.

MANILA -- Running a Bureaucracy: A Guidebook for Local Government Unit Administrators, other Public Managers, and Elected Officials, a University of the Philippines NCPAG Centenial Publication, recently received another commendation from no less than Mission Director Jon Lindborg of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the Philippines.

Book author, and longest serving provincial administrator of the country, Ma. Gladys C. Sta. Rita recently visited Director Lindborg at his USAID office and was warmly welcomed by the latter who had known her from previous undertakings of USAID and the Provincial Government of Bulacan. After Sta. Rita's retirement in public service few weeks back, she now joins a top team of consultants of USAID projects in the Philippines.

Lindborg commended local governments in the country for their continuing crusade to redefine good governance. “While there is no perfect bureaucracy, local leaders and managers should continue to strive to be the best they can be for the people they serve,” he said. “I’m quite happy to have met a lot of very good leaders in the local government.”

The USAID Director also lauded Sta. Rita for coming out with a book that would “effectively aid the local government of the Philippines in fast-tracking reforms and developing a highly-professional bureaucracy at the local level”.

Running A Bureaucracy is fast becoming a bestseller in all Powerbooks outlets and select branches of National Bookstore. Copies are also available at the NCPAG Publication Center and UP Press at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Running A Bureaucracy was launched this year as a proud Centennial Publication of UP-NCPAG in celebration of the 100th founding year of the University of the Philippines.