What People say about Running a Bureaucracy

My career in public service starting as a city councilor in Quezon City from 1988 to 1992 reinforced my conviction that genuine transformation in the Philippines will emanate not from the national, but from the grassroots level of government. Our local government units are the springboard of effective and immediate strategies for the provision of basic services to the people. They are the face that represents government on the ground; directly delivering the needs and feeling the pulse of our citizens. It is for this reason that we continue to prioritize the development of and support for our local government units all over the country.

Given this crucial role in nation-building, it is imperative that our local officials are equipped to respond effectively and directly to the demands of their constituents. Running A Bureaucracy: A Guidebook for Local Government Unit Administrators, Other Public Managers and Elected Officials is a trailblazing addition to the goal of educating and empowering local executives. The book offers tried and tested methods of management, administration, planning, organizational and human resource development, crisis preparedness, and many other systems that increase the capability of an organization. With first-hand involvement in catapulting Bulacan to its thriving, multi-awarded status, the author likewise shares practical tips and proven ideas on day-to-day public management and administration.

With the launch of this groundbreaking manual, we trust that local administrators, public managers and elected officials nationwide will find inspiration in steering their respective communities towards a proficient, systematized and effectual state of public governance.

Senator, Philippines